January 2017 Monthly Article – Japan and US Debt

By Jerry Pacheco             The more things change, the more they remain the same? It sure seems like it. In the 1980s, many politicians and American citizens were anxious because Japan seemed to be beating the U.S. in producing consumer and manufactured goods at every turn. On top of this, […]

November 2016 Monthly Article – The NAFTA Scenario

By Jerry Pacheco Let’s paint a scenario: A U.S. manufacturer based in El Paso, Texas, makes plastic injection parts that it sells to a company in Juarez, Mexico manufacturing components for the auto industry. The Mexican company’s parts are combined with other suppliers’ parts from Canada, Europe, and Asia, and are incorporated into a General Motors […]

October 2016 Monthly Article – U.S. Competitiveness

By Jerry Pacheco In 2011, the Harvard Business School founded the U.S. Competitiveness Project, which reports on the state of the U.S. economy, its competitiveness, and what steps could be undertaken to make improvements. The 2016 report, titled “Problems Unsolved and a Nation Divided” by Michael E. Porter, Jan W. Rivkin, Mihir A. Desai, and […]

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