Department of Commerce Ranking of U.S. Cities in Terms of Exports

A recent Department of Commerce communiqué ranks U.S. cities by their total exports in 2012.  The only four New Mexican MSAs that list export data are as follows:

City/MSA Rank Total Exports
Albuquerque/Rio Rancho 111 $1,790,610,246
Doña Ana County 186 $746,148,796
Santa Fe County 351 $41,249,504
Farmington 355 $29,559,325

Due to the strength of Intel’s exports, if Rio Rancho were separated from Albuquerque, it would rank #120 in the USA, and Albuquerque would rank somewhere around #250.

El Paso, Texas ranks #26 in the USA in exports. Dona Ana County’s close proximity to this MSA provides it with many opportunities to capitalize on the region’s strong export base.