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March 2013

As trade specialists, the most gratifying part of our job is working with clients and helping them achieve success in the global market. However, once in a while something interesting comes along that provides a different kind of satisfaction. This was the case back in 2007 when the IBA worked with IBA client Creative Jewelry Connections to craft legislation making the bolo tie the state’s official neckwear. The legislation unanimously passed in the 2007 legislative session and was signed into law by Governor Bill Richardson on March 13 of that year.

While this was not an international trade success per se, it has had the effect of announcing to the world that the materials and craftsmanship which are utilized in the making of the bolo are uniquely New Mexican. The bolo tie has taken its place in the New Mexico Blue Book with other official New Mexican icons such as the roadrunner (state bird), the piñon (state tree), and flower (yucca).

It was an honor to work with Dr. Wayne Meyerowitz of Creative Jewelry Connections, Senator Steve Komadina and Representative Don Tripp to get the legislation crafted and passed. The bolo tie will be honored on March 13, which is designated “Day of the Bolo”. We hope to see everybody wearing this uniquely New Mexican neckwear on that day.