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Trade Lead – Looking for Stainless Steel Bellows

Commercial Activity: Buy
Country of Origin: Jordan
Company located in Jordan is interested in finding a stainless steel bellows manufacturer in the United States.

Type: single – ply, annular corrugated metal bellows with limit rods. Circumferential convolution welds not permitted.
Material: type 316 stainless steel.
End Connections: ANSI 150-pound stainless steel flanges.
Minimum Design Working Pressure: 150 psig at 750 degrees F.
Length: minimum of four convolutions and minimum manufacturer recommendation for vibration isolation (to be indicated in the offer).
DN: 4”
Fluid: process air.
Operation: up to 250 deg F, 150 psi working pressure rating, body to fit between ANSI class 125/150 flanges to be installed on stainless steel SS304 pipes.