Trade Lead – Press Supplier

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Commercial Activity: Looking For Suppliers
Country of Origin: South Africa
A company in South Africa is interested in finding a supplier of the following:

A 630-ton servo drive press.


  • 630-ton Servo Drive
  • Bed size: 4m x 1.8m
  • Shut height: 1m
  • Stroke adjustable 40 – 400mm
  • Stroke rate 3-60 strokes / minute
  • Roller guide bearings on slides
  • PLC with load monitoring and 16 – 32 inputs for tooling sensor control
  • All necessary safety devices
  • Die change bolster plate
  • Hydraulic die clamps
  • Anti vibration floor mountings
  • Including shipping and installation in SA

Transfer Unit:

  • Pitch stroke 0 -800 mm
  • Closing stroke 0-500 mm
  • Lifting stroke 0-150 mm
  • Including all necessary clamping units, grippers and safety devices

Roll Feed:

  • Strip width 800 mm
  • Strip thickness 0.5-6 mm
  • Strip cross section 2800mm2
  • Acceleration max 45m/s2
  • Automatic in feed height adjustment

Coil Line:

  • Coil weight 10t
  • Strip width 800mm
  • Strip thickness 0.5-6 mm
  • Strip cross section 2800mm2

Loop equipment:

  • Capable of processing High Strength steel up to Re 750N/mm2
  • Capable of processing stainless steel
  • Including all necessary safety equipment and fences